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From Book to Beats
Dates: July 10th - Aug 5th
(Dates are subject to change depending upon the participants)


We're thrilled to welcome you to the Beats After School Program's unique Summer Program! Over the next four weeks, we'll be diving into the magical world of music, offering you an immersive and educational experience that transcends the boundaries of a traditional summer camp.

Our program is specially designed for kids aged 7-16 and offers a comprehensive blend of music education, hands-on practice, fun activities, and field trips. Our passionate team of educators and music enthusiasts is dedicated to inspiring your creative abilities, encouraging your talents, and making this summer a memorable one.

The program is broken down into four exciting weeks:

Week 1 - Introduction and Basics of Expressing through Songwriting: This week, we're all about the power of words and melodies. You'll learn about the basics of songwriting, from crafting captivating lyrics to creating catchy melodies.

Week 2 - From Book to Beat: Here's where we fuse the magic of STEM with the rhythm of music. Using your STEM knowledge, you'll create songs that bring scientific concepts to life!

Week 3 - The Studio, The Production, and The Arrangement: Get ready to step into the shoes of a music producer! Learn how a song takes shape, from the initial melody to the final, polished arrangement.

Week 4 - Preparation for the Main Event: You'll apply everything you've learned over the past weeks to prepare for a grand finale—a showcase where you perform your original songs and partake in a short play focusing on Social Emotional Learning and an Anti-Bullying message.

Each Saturday, we will embark on a field trip related to the week's theme, bringing you closer to the music world's many fascinating aspects. From local concerts to professional recording studios, each trip will serve as an unforgettable experience.

At Beats After School Program, our mission is not only to teach you about music but also to foster a supportive, nurturing community where everyone can express themselves freely. We aim to facilitate an atmosphere of respect, creativity, and fun. We hope you're excited to embark on this summer journey with us!

Get ready to create, learn, and have a lot of fun!

Our Goals

Build friendships

Become more confident

Learn something new

Create songs that will

assist in students learning and developing

Perform what you learned

Act in a play and show your community how much fun you had

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