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Our Founder

Welcome to B.E.A.T.S, a trusted After School Program with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. Our team consists of music executives, teachers, studio engineers, musicians, and music artists, all of whom are passionate about providing a safe and creative environment for learning and exploration.


Michael Stover, MSc -

Founder and Executive Director of The Beats After School Program Inc.

Michael Stover is an accomplished and visionary leader with over 15 years of experience in the field of education, entertainment, and nonprofit management. As the founder and Executive Director of The Beats After School Program Inc., Michael is deeply committed to empowering young people through innovative STEM education and creative expression. His passion for nurturing the next generation of leaders, combined with his extensive experience in the education sector, has culminated in the establishment of this groundbreaking program.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the prestigious Kent State University, where he graduated in 2013. His exceptional academic performance and commitment to education led him to Full Sail University, where he earned a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business. Michael's unique combination of educational backgrounds has enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of both the pedagogical and entrepreneurial aspects of STEM education. Currently, Michael is pursuing a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the esteemed University of Phoenix, further demonstrating his dedication to academic excellence and innovation in the field of education.

Throughout his career, Michael has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students from diverse backgrounds. He has worked with various nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, spearheading initiatives that bridge the gap between traditional education and real-world applications of STEM. Michael's innovative approach to education has garnered recognition from industry leaders, and he is often invited to speak at conferences and workshops.

Under Michael's guidance, The Beats After School Program Inc. has been established in hopes of providing hundreds of students with unparalleled access to cutting-edge STEM education and resources. His vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication to the cause have been instrumental in the program's birth, and his impact shall be felt not only by the students he serves but also by the wider community that benefits from their growth and development.

As a respected figure in the field of education and a powerful advocate for STEM learning, Michael Stover is an inspiring force behind The Beats After School Program Inc. His leadership, passion, and commitment to the cause will make a lasting impact on the lives of countless young people, and his ongoing efforts continue to drive the organization's mission forward, ensuring a brighter future for all. With his soon-to-be-earned Ed.D., Michael will be well-equipped to continue his transformative work in education, inspiring even greater change and progress for students and communities alike.

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